Sunday, November 29, 2009

Game Master Challenge 2009: Day 6

1. Petpet Challenge
With the aid of his trusty Lightmite, this Petpet needs to escape a mine that's been closed off by a rockslide (picking up a few precious gems along the way). Gather a brilliant score of 800 or more to complete this phase of the challenge. (Gwl's Great Escape)
Prize: Balloon Patches

2. Many Games Challenge
Okay... this is getting ridiculous, right? There's simply no way that you're going to complete this challenge. Might as well throw it out, though. Send 55, count 'em, 55 qualifying challenge game scores. Good luck with that!
Prize: Hall of Heroes Cake

3. Lands Challenge
The discovery of this ancient land founded by a small, heroic group, was a highlight of Y8.
* Look out for Minitheuses as you make a delivery for the king and post a score of 3500 or greater. (Crisis Courier)
* Show Neopia you're the finest Yooyu trainer by rolling up a score of 700 or more in this strategy game. (Ready to Roll - note it appears you actually only need to score over 70)
Prize: Turtum

4. 3 Times Challenge
Pair up the tiles until they're all gone - that's how it's done in this Shenkuu gaming classic. Send a score of 250 or better three times to clear this challenge from the board. (Kou-Jong)
Prize: King Altador Figure

5. Non-Game Challenge
There are plenty of great games in the land of flying ships and many more in the Games Room! To complete this challenge, take a trip into the Games Room to find a trio that you like best and add them to your favourites.
*Add three games to your favorite list. They have to be games not in your favorites. If your list is full like mine, you will have to remove three and then add three. The same three should work if you just remove and add again.
Prize: Garin Plushie

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