Sunday, November 15, 2009

Send Your Scores 10 times a Day Today to Celebrate Neopets 10th Birthday

Today is Neopets 10th Birthday/anniversary of launching. In honor of it being the 10th you can send scores for games 10 times. That can mean a lot of Neopoints today. I am hoping to end up with 100,000 today just from playing games, but not sure if I will have much time. Anyways, still worthwhile for the little time I will have.

Update: There is a glitch and it only lets you send 5 scores per game, which is what has been done for Neopets birthday the past several years. Hopefully, when the work week begins this week they will make it up by making a 10 score send day on Monday or Tuesday. Still the 5 score sends a day does help make some extra NP at easy 1K games like Kass Basher and Spellcaster.

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