Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Try YouTube Downloader to Save Neopets Videos

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Do you ever look at YouTube for videos of Neopets videos, such as game tips and cheat codes? If you use Windows to play Neopets or at least have access to a computer with Windows, you might want to check out YouTube Downloader. This helps you download the videos easy including downloading multiple videos at once. Sure you can just bookmark the videos. However, downloading them and then putting them on your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player to play through a television can make it easier to follow Neopets game guide tips, as you can watch while having the game open on your computer without having to switch back and forth. This is especially helpful if you play on a small screen or a somewhat slow computer that cannot put up with having a several programs or browser windows open at a time. Of course, it could also be useful for none Neopets YouTube videos. Only downside is the software requires Windows and does not work on a Mac unless you have your Mac set up to run Windows. Basically I cannot use it, but it does seem useful. They even have a helpful tutorial video called Download YouTube.

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