Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Game and Challenge: Spellseeker

The newest Neopets game has come out along with the new game challenge. The new game is called Spellseeker. The game has three ways to play. You can either match up tiles of symbols, numbers, or letters.

The symbol version you just make a chain of the same symbol. Definitely the easiest, but not the easiest for high point chains.

In the Number version you make chains by connecting numbers in sequence of plus or minus 1 from current number selected. This is still easy and also the easiest version to make long chains on throughout the levels.

The Letter (i.e. Word) version is the hardest. In the letter version you connect tiles to make words. The oozing tiles are really hard to get rid of at times in the letter version making it harder to go far, as well as to get through levels fast and rack up points fast because it can be hard to make long words at times.

Overall it is a pretty fun game and at least for now easy to get 1,000 Neopoints from.

To get AAA's prize you must score 99,000. To get Abigail's prize you must score 20,000. As always by default you get Abigail's prize if you have not gotten it yet and first beat AAA's score. The prize for beating Abigail is Magic Cake. For AAA the score reaches the review level, so it did not pop up and say I got the item, but when I went and looked at my inventory I did get credit for beating AAA even though the score is in for review and I have not got the Neopoints for the score send. The item for beating AAA is Magic Ball Table.

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